"Install App" button is NOT optional

Hi all! I am wondering if the “Install App” button that sits in the Nav Menu (side menu) for iOS users can be removed. I feel this feature should be manageable by the Glide user. As a matter of fact, I feel there should not be many viewable items on an app that the Glide user cannot add/remove manually in my opinion.

I was hoping that at least removing all menu items from the Nav Menu would also remove that or maybe even the Nav Menu itself to prevent that from being seen.

If the Glide user cannot remove this, can Glide manually have this removed for us? (see screenshot)
FYI - I have a Pro account if that makes a difference

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Didn’t know that for iOS PWA they put their install app there! so much nicer haha.

At the moment that’s not a configurable thing for us.

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