Can't save to homescreen

My app’s URL:

I can’t find a way to save my app to my homescreen. The menu that generally appears when you want to save a website page does not appear. Am I missing something?

Can you share some screenshots? Which browser? Which phone OS?

I use an Android, but I’ve asked people to check it on Apple as well. They have problems as well. I’m having trouble taking a screenshot of my phone screen. Where is the menu to save supposed to appear when the app is open?

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I’m using a Galaxy S9

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Which Browser? Samsung’s default browser is called “Internet” and does not offer Add To Home—you must use Chrome.

I need more information about what your users on Apple devices are having problems with to make suggestions about that.

Aah, OK. I will try Chrome. Thank you David.

This is what one of my Apple users sent me

This may help. I just posted this on another thread regarding directions to install on home screen of both iPhone and Android.
Install Instructions

I have seen a case where a user had an app with no tabs and was not being recognized as a PWA. I was able to duplicate the results when I visited their app URL. I think the other case I saw recently was a similar type of url (

Thank you so much George :slight_smile:

Success with my Android :slight_smile:

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I am having the same issue as Deborah and cannot add an icon to my homescreen. I am using Chrome on an Android Galaxy S9.

This is what my screen looks like when I open the app. There is no way to “add to homescreen” as the three dots at the upper right corner no longer appear.
Each type I want to open the app I have to type in

I did install Firefox and was able to install the app to my homescreen, but do not want to have to tell all my users that they have to do that. ???

Thanks George for sharing your wisdom! I copied your screenshots, but changed the details to send to my users. Hope that’s OK with you.

I think this will work for iPhones (don’t know as I don’t have one).

This is what my screen looks when I open the glide app in Chrome (Android Galaxy S9)

So there is no way to get to the screen that allows you to add the icon to homescreen? I had to type the .io address in every time I wanted to open the app until I loaded Firefox. I was then able to add to my homescreen. I don’t want to ask my users to do this, but don’t think they will use the app if they don’t have a shortcut.
Any ideas how to get around this issue or is this a Glide bug?

I’m also having an issue with a new app I made. My app has different tabs and a menu, but I’m not getting the Add to Homescreen prompt in Chrome like I used to with other apps.

I’ve also tried clearing cache in Chrome to see if that helps but still no prompt. Adding it to homescreen manually using Chrome’s 3 dot menu adds a web link to the page and not the app itself.

@jillrohan Are you sure you are using chrome and not Samsung’s internet browser?

@kyleheney can’t offer any additional help for you other than what we’ve discussed in the past. I’ll post the link to that thread for reference:

"Add to home screen button" not popping up

I had issues today with several client’s (4) that use android phones. We were on their chrome browser and the add to homescreen option was not available. Just the download?