How to remove mini Chrome icon from Home Screen App?

My app’s URL:

On Android (Google Pixel) when you download a Glide App for the first time it actually installs the app (no Chrome icon + I can search for it in my Android search bar + it’s in Android’s settings) instead of just creating a Chrome shortcut (see pictures).

However, after you delete it and attempt to redownload the app, it only makes a Chrome shortcut, and has a Chrome icon in the corner. Is there a way to remove the Chrome icon when it’s redownloaded, or redownload it as a properly installed app?

My app (now just a Chrome shortcut)

Versus a Glide App installed for the first time

Hmmm, can’t reproduce it on my device. I added your app to homescreen…it added as an app…then deleted and reinstalled. Still installs as an app. I tried with and without force stopping, clearing cache and clearing storage before uninstalling the app, but it still installed just fine.

Strange, after a day it looked like I was able to re-download the app without the Chrome icon!

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This is similar to my issue from a day or two ago. "Add to home screen button" not popping up

It was fixed by adding a 2nd tab to my app. Before doing that, it didn’t seem to recognize it as a web app, just a regular webpage.

I can report the same issue. I can’t find the way to delete the chrome sub-icon and be able to installed as a web app. (without chrome sub-icon)
My phone: Pixel 3 with Android version 10

What is the app you’re trying to add?

Fine minutes ago, I was able to re-install and remove the sub-icon.

The APP is:

I have the same issue with an app of mine. Can’t get “Add to home screen button” not popping up.

Related to your other post.

Unfortunately, I could not replicate the issue. I tried uninstalling then installing and it works. Not sure what was the issue.

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