Install web app on my screen (Androïd)


Little question :

On Android, users cannot install the Web App directly on their home screen.

The “Add to my Home Screen” feature is not showing.

While on iPhone it’s OK.

Did you also have this problem?


Hi @Fleau75,

Does this started happening these days?

Check this post by Jeff! : Install on Android - #2 by Jeff_Hager

Thank you

No it happens from the beginning apparently
Me, I have an iPhone but friends on Androïd who tried to test the Web App could not install it on their screen.

For Android you need to use chrome browser. The add to home option should be in the three dot menu in the top right.

For any desktop install you should also use chrome. Inside the browser bar on the right hand side click the little install button.

For iOS use safari.


Which browser are you trying in Android? Did you tried clicking the three dots > and adding to the Home screen?

Learn more at here! : Installing Glide Apps | Glide Tutorial - YouTube

And thanks Eric for providing that information! :muscle:

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Thanks for your answers, I will ask my friends more details and to test again.
If I understood correctly, the problem is certainly that the user must have already once dismissed the installation pop-up, which makes it no longer accessible via the Chrome menu.

In that case, try clearing the browser cache and opening the app again to see if the option becomes available. Let us know if you find any further problems.

If you dismiss the notification, you can still install the app from the Chrome menu with the 3 dots, the option can be named “Install app” or “Add to home screen” or something like this (it depends on the phones). Be careful that you must use Chrome browser on Android to install the app and add it to the home screen