Android VS Ios Installation

My app’s URL:
A lot of android users don’t understand how to install the app. It appears that the process is not the same on Android and Ios.
On Ios when you install the app, you have a message which explain you how to do it “Add this app to your home screen…” while on Android nothing appears and users are completely disapointed and lost.
Is it something you notice or a temporary bug? Thank u for your reply.



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There is supposed to be a popup at the bottom, which always shows for me. I usually dismiss the pop-up and I think chrome remembers that you didn’t it, so I tried clearing site settings for your site. I was haveing trouble for a little bit, but I got it to pop up again.

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Yes, Glide apps are configured to trigger Android’s native Add to Home Screen prompt. Have you already dismissed this prompt for your app?

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To be more clear or to dive deeper in the problem. I have an Iphone and i never met any problem. But i market my app on instagram and the link ( to install the app was in my bio. Then people on Android struggled to install because the link has been open in the instagram “browser” where the native “add to home screen” never appeared and by the way in this configuration when you try to pass by with the bullets menu on the top right, you also don’t have the “add to home screen” choice (see screenschot below), you only have “open in Chrome” then it’s one more step…
And to answer your question, I can imagine that people who tried to install the app from my ad never tried before and as a consequence never dismissed this prompt.
In a few words, since I market my app I can say that it’s a recurring problem I have met.

Does IOS give the pop-up to add to homestreen from within instragram’s internal browser, or does IOS open Instragram links in the Safari browser? My only suggestion would be to place instructions somewhere in your app to gives users instructions on how to add to homescreen. Since Progressive Web Apps are based on either Chrome or Safari, I’m not sure what else you can do when a link is opened in a non-supported browser.

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No, in IOS as well the pop-up doesn’t appear and IOS doesn’t open Instagram links in the safari browser.
By the way tk u for your reply.

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The other problem with this is, that on Android, the pop-up covers the bottom menu. So if the user does not install the up OR dismiss the pop-up, they cannot actually see the bottom menu. Did you find any workaround? Or is there a fix planned?

Thank you for opening this topic, I am glad I am not the only one who noticed.

I think you would have to take that up with Google. I think that’s how they display the add to homescreen popup. You can still add to homescreen by clicking on the browser settings and clicking on ‘Add to Homescreen’. Your best bet would be to include install instructions somewhere in your app if they happen to dismiss the popup.