Auto Login

If this apps is open using PC, how to make user no need to login each time they open the apps.?

As long as you are setting the authentication cookie, and the user hasn’t rejected it, deleted it, or signed out, then they should never have to sign in a second time.

Yes, im already do the setting. But, my user have to login and get the PIN number every time they go to apps

Well, there can only be 3 things that would cause that:

  • their browser isn’t accepting the cookie
  • the user deleted the cookie
  • the user signed out

You might have to check with your users to find out which of the above it is.


i see . okay i check with them

I guess one other possibility would be if they used a different browser - one they hadn’t used to sign in to the App before. In that case the browser wouldn’t have the cookie, and so they’d have to sign in.

this thing i dont think so because, they always pin to the taskbar after they installed it.