App asks user to sign in

App is asking user to sign in again every 15-20 minutes if user is not active. On my device the app doesn’t require a sign in every time. How can we avoid users having to sign in every time they use it?

Is this only happening with a single user?
If it is, that would point to something with their specific device - maybe the authentication cookie is being rejected?

Yes i did suspect something like that. Its only one user complaining now. Not sure what to tell him to check.

I’d try and find out as much as I can about the device as possible. Device type, OS and browser version, whether or not the App is installed, etc. You could ask the user if they have a different device they can try it on. If it only happens on a single device, that would probably rule out the possibility of the issue being related to their user profile.

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Please also check if the user has enabled clearing all cookies when the browser is closed.

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