App prompting for sign-in when I'm already signed in

This happened intermittently this week. At times while using the app, but mostly when first launching it.

I get the login screen even though I am already signed in (I never sign out). Initially, I was requesting the pin, resigning in, as per usual flow.

The last 2 times, I instead closed the app and restarted – the sign-in screen did not reappear and I was signed in as usual.

Has anyone experienced this?

Is your app’s sign-in setting ‘Public’ (not ‘Public with Email’) by any chance?

Always been public w/ email. Just checked to make sure nothing’s changed.

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I think I ran into that too. But I can’t quite remember if it was my app or not. Mine is whitelisted. My user did say she had to sign in again last night. For me (if it was my app) I had the sign in show up, but a refresh allowed it to auto sign in just fine. I don’t really remember the details, or which app for sure, or which device. I just remember seeing it, then refreshing and all was good.
Seems fine otherwise.

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I have the same problem too. My app is public, but I use Favorite feature. At least once a day it’s logging me in again, which means I don’t see my favorites till it logs me in.

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@SuperMerabh Not sure if you’re still experiencing the issue but this might fix might apply to your scenario.

Thanks @Rasha what is the solution?

Weird. There should have been a link in that post. It was simply fixed from what I gather – for public apps.

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Excellent, thanks for the heads up!