Unable to sign into app on both phone and web browser

My sign-in option for the app is currently set to “Public with email”, so anyone should be able to make an account and log in. However, when I try to log in on my phone with an account that is already in our Google docs spreadsheet it does not work and says “The email address doesn’t have access to this app. Please try another.” When trying to log in from a web browser, I can enter an email address and receive a PIN in my email, but when I enter that PIN, it does not work.

Has this happened with anyone else? How can I fix this?

Our app: https://app.refundgiant.com/

have you used this link to open the app before
did you just move your app to a custom domain

The link doesn’t appear to be valid.

Looks like it was because our domain expired and wasn’t set on auto-renew. Issue solved!

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Has anyone else experienced this? We just went live with a custom domain and I’m experiencing this issue with the app ‘saved to home screen’ as well as within a browser. Before we changed to our custom domain, this never happened.

Can you please link me to the app?

Sure thing, @Jason. It’s https://molb.app/. I’m seeing varying behavior. Sometimes it signs me in fine (web browser on my computer, web browser on my mobile, or the Add to Homescreen app icon) and sometimes I get the error about the “email address doesn’t have access to this app…”.

Clarification on a few things would be helpful:

  1. We’re still making changes in the app - does this affect user sign in?
  2. Does an Add to Homescreen app need to be refreshed/removed and reinstalled every so often?
  3. If on the web (not app), does one need to clear cache when visiting PWA’s?

I’m still getting the hang of this app type, so there may be some information I have yet to come across when it comes to the ensuring the best user experience. Thanks for looking into this for me.

@Jason - have you had a chance to look into what the issue could be? I just got a report that a few more users experienced this. 2 were using the link, 1 had added to homescreen. All 3 have user profiles set up in the app. Thank you!

@Paris_Smith I will poke @Jason to take another look.

To answer your questions:

  1. No.
  2. No, unless you want to update the icon and splash screen.
  3. No.

Is your email allowlist changing often? How does it get populated?

Thanks @david,

We are using Public with Email, not a whitelist. I’m trying to gather more information from the users at the same time to see what else may have been going on.

Oh wow! You are getting “email does not have access” with a Public app? Okay, that is super weird and helps us understand the bug much better.

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@Paris_Smith I learned that we send this message in a few cases, notably, when there is an internet connection issue that prevents the user from logging in. Glide engineers tell me this is likely a connection issue, and that we need to improve our error messages!

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Ok, sounds good. I saw something about needing the email address in all lower case, too. This is good to know.

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Are there still some problems that will result in this error? One of my testers is getting this issue in an app that is currently “public with email”. Everyone else is able to log in and use the app as normal.

They have previously signed in and used the app with no problem. They have tried various browsers etc.