🆕 Sign-in Action

Is there a way to tie this particular sign in action to a sign in method?
Sign-in with password, email whitelist, etc? while keeping the overall app public?

Everytime the user closes the app and comes back in, do they have to sign in again if they already have signed in previously using the button?


If it’s public they will have to sign in, however in my experience they haven’t always been asked or have been sent a pin it just signs in the user.

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Already figured another method out :slightly_smiling_face:


In my experience, for public apps, users have to sign back in whenever the app is closed. This is frustrating as the new sign in action makes developing public apps with “signed in sections” so much simpler and intuitive. Is there ever going to be a way to save the login session for public apps? Maybe a “remember me” setting at login?


Indeed. Any progress or work around for this?

I wish! Not that I’ve found yet.

I am having the same issue so I turn it back to what it was public with email which is a shame…

oh yes… this is a problem … we need a cookie to save the login and not have to do it again at each access


Oh interesting! Making a note to fix this.


Thank you!!!


What are the chances of also enabling the “login action” login with Google?

yes yes pls, when starting Glide just automatically run through the “new” signin function. if the user was signed in before go ahead and load profile by email, if not show public page.

when user logs off forget him so next time that user needs to run through the login again, email with code.

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Great feature, which allowed me to develop a complete sign-in process. There’s one odd thing though, if you haven’t gotten the user to log into his account yet, he can go and click into sign-in in the top-left menu. When he does Glide asks him for his name, which is weird since there’s not yet a record to save it to…

@david I have a customer that wants this precise scenario i.e. public access for general info but with the ability to register (via the new SignIn button action) to access members-only areas. Testing this today it seems to work fine but still with the problem that a registered member has to re-enter their email and get another PIN each time the app is closed. Is there an imminent fix for this or an alternative configuration to achieve a similar “public / members” visibility split? I am reluctant to move ahead with them unless I know I can handle it successfully.

It will be fixed in tomorrow’s release.


Fab - thanks

Thank you very much for addressing this!!

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Seems like it… at least when I close my test app and restart I am straight logged in. Must have fixed it just a few hours ago. Great stuff!