Users on Public App Keep needing to Sign-In

Hi There,

My users keep getting required to sign in and get a code everytime they revisit the app.
It’s a Public app, and they are on the same device.

Is this an expected behaviour or a bug?
Anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you very much for your time.

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When you say Public, do you mean ‘Public’ or ‘Public with Email’? They shouldn’t keep getting prompted for a pin unless their browser keeps clearing the cache.

Hi Jeff!

It’s just ‘Public’.
Users have the option to sign in if they want to access the other features.

Mmm it doesn’t happen to me - just tried now.
I have seen it happen intermittently.

I’ll double check if the user had the browser to clear the cache everytime.

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It does happen.

Steps to recreate this bug.

  1. Open a public app in your web browser on a computer.
  2. Log in.
  3. Refresh the page.

Result: You will see that you’ve been logged out and need to sign in again.

THIS is what I was hoping would be solved with the new sign-in action. If it’s not fixed, I don’t see an effective way to roll out a public app with sign-in if the users have to continually sign back in (especially if they’re signing in with a non-Google method that requires a PIN each time).

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I agree.

I think it must be related to the way sessions and cookies are created and logged.

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The difference with Public is the user has to trigger the sign-in process with a sign-in action manually (new pin not required). Whereas the other authentication methods have the sign-in process triggered on app load. Not great either way. If you have users (like myself) that constantly close apps they will become frustrated no doubt.

Note I’ve only tested on iOS with installed apps.

To “fix” this from “where I sit” and not break their current “auth flow” they would have to automatically trigger a sign-in action on app load.

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Sign in on app load would be great. The current process is less than ideal.