Force sign out and back in?

I have a public app (It’s really for internal use and could be made private), but it’s public with required sign in. It’s set to collect real email addresses, but virtual email addresses are still showing up. I’m assuming this is because the real email address setting was changed and it doesn’t force users to log out and back in when the setting changes. It’s been this way for many months.

If signing out and back in would result in real email addresses being collected, what would be an easy way to force that to happen? Or should I just make it a private app with the users table if we want to know which employee was making entries?

I don’t think this will work. Anonymous emails are still internally linked to the real email address. Signing out and back in would still link the user to the row with the anonymous email.

This could work, but you would have to delete user records to force people to sign out, then re-add the rows with the correct email so they could be allowed to sign in again. Even though the anonymous email does not match their real email, it’s still internally linked, so just making an app private will not force people out until their user row is actually deleted.

I think you would be better off manually using the email addresses, or possibly force the user to enter and overwrite the email address (not sure if that’s allowed or not). Also consider that you may need to delete user data to ensure that new user rows are created.

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