Force sign out?

Hi! I’m probably being really dumb about this, but, we have an app with completely (mostly) new data and want to track who has logged in to this new version of the app. At the moment we have users who have previously logged in (a year ago) and kept the app on their phones so they don’t need to log back in, so I can’t track if they have logged in to the new version.

The app is currently set to Public with email.

Is there a way to force all users to sign out so they have to log in again?

Instead of forcing them to sign out, you could create a new boolean column in the user profile table. Then create a new tab that’s sourced from the user profile table, filtered to the signed in user, and is only visible when that boolean column is not checked. The new tab could simply have some sort of acknowledgement where the user needs to check a box, and then the tab will go away.


Genius. Thank you!

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