Create onboarding experience without Sign in

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to create a first time onboarding experience, without the need for a user to sign in.

I find the sign in option a little bit to intrusive and unnecessary complex for the application we are building, but we still would like to record some information on the user, before they get to see the application. (and once they come back, they should not see the onboarding anymore, unless they switch device).

I’m currently using the link to screen option, to create an onboarding experience. And hide that screen once everything is filled (and unhide the other screens). However, to make this happen every single time, the only thing I found is to use the sign in option.

Any clever workarounds? :slight_smile:

You should be able to use user-specific columns for this. These columns work best for signed-in users, but will still work for non-signed-in users as long as they don’t clear their device’s cache or switch devices.

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I think closing an app is enough to clear user specific columns for non-signed in users.

I think this will only truly work if a user is signed in.

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You may be right on that…

The best approach is to have users sign-in at some point in the process. For user information to be saved reliably, it needs to be tied to an account (ideally, a row on your user profile sheet).


Thanks for answers guys.

I guess i will have to go for the login after all.

From your experience, do you feel this is a downside or are people usually fine with going through the sign up process?

In my opinion, the sign in process isn’t bad, and once you are signed in, the app stays signed in. To me it seems no different than most apps on my phone, where I have to have an account to use the app, or at least an account to save any personal data to my account. Some of my non-Glide apps use 2 factor authentication which requires a password as well as a one time pin send by email or text message to authenticate. Glide apps only use the PIN, so in a sense, it’s one less thing to deal with and there is no password to have to remember.

My glide apps don’t have more than a handful of users, so I couldn’t tell you about any experience with a large amount of users.

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It does make sense in a way… and i understand it from a database principle.

I guess we will just test it, and see how it goes.

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