Onboarding/Welcome screen

Usually I am using a Welcome screen to present the user some news, and, overall force them to click a single button (something like “Continue to…”). Main reason = stats, login, funnel, and background mechanisms (i.e. weekly streak, team weekly streak, etc.)

This screen doesn’t show any top or bottom bar.

Is there a way in the new app to do something like that (without accessing the CSS)? Or any other way to connect actions to the navigation bar?

Thanks, in advance

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Does the user need to be signed in?
It will still require an action to trigger to open new screen and select to view as an overlay.
You can hide all tabs at first with a boolean value to check if user have interact with the first screen.

HI @Trustin , yes users will need to sign in.
And, yes, I can select the visibility based on a boolean, but how to reset the boolean to have the 1st screen without navigation bars? As you said they will need a “click” anyway on a single (or multiple) locations, but I don’t have any control on the actions in the navigation bar (so they can skip the step).



Let me explain better

Glide: 0 Status > Boolean = false > All screens disable
User: 1st time in the app > Welcome screen > Click on the only button > Boolean true > All screen available
User… navigation

How can I go back to the “0 Status > Boolean = false > All screens disable”?

That’s a tough one. That’s one case where session variable columns would be useful because they would reset regardless if you are signed in or not.

Only other thought would be to set a date/time when the button is clicked, and then set your tab visibility conditions to expire after a certain number of hours. Not the best solution though.


Thanks, @Jeff_Hager. With CSS was very easy (1 line for bar) and … done :slight_smile:
But your idea (number of hours) could be valid, in this case I can change the welcome screen to appear once a day (or once every X hours as you mention).
Thanks! I’ll work on that idea

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I set the boolean column to user specific column.
If the user is sign in it will register that, if non sign in user it will reset that boolean everytime it refresh.

I use it as an install app prompt. See below


Thank you! I will test this option as well. Thanks a lot, seems great!

Hey! Just checking in, any improvement?

Sorry for the delay in replying to you. I was travelling.
So now I am back to the development of the Season 2 of the Game. I failed, so far, to have an event connected to the sign-in (cannot find nothing like that in the app).
So what I did, is create a last-action time-stamp filed and a connected Boolean value, and after 30 minutes it will expire… a very manual solution to sessions :slight_smile:

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Well there’s an option for Tav Visiblity when user is signed-in. On the user profile screen you can have the user to hit a button to checkin, can have a gamification to claim points or something. This will set the timestamp!
Good luck to you as long as it works for the user haha. Always room for iteration!