Welcome page for users that disappears after first login?

Welcome page for users that disappears after first login?
Is this possible? Thank you!


This would be really helpful for a user to sign up when they first download the app before they get to the homepage :slight_smile:

Yes exactly what I mean! And also maybe have some editable fields for user data capture

Not yet! We really want to offer this though.


Indeed! It would be awesome to do an initial sign-up form past what one gets with the login sheet, for example, fill out account details. Looking forward to this in the future!

I’ve started to build a concept for this with what’s currently available. It’s not complete and probably not the ideal solution, but it might give you some ideas. Just look for Onboarding in the app.



Thanks Jeff

Hi David! Loving Glide Apps. Just enquiring if there is a solution to this “Welcome Page” feature request as of yet? Cheers

I did it myself @chloef, very easy

create a welcome tab with a conditional visibility that gets hidden when the user toggle a switch saying “hide this tab to get in the app”

when switch is toggled on, this welcome tab therefore disappears and all the other ones that also have a visibility depending upon this switch appear (“show if toggled on” whereas the welcome tab is “hide when toggled on”)

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Hi @Rob have a look for the onboarding video by @Robert_Petitto it shows you exactly how to set the welcome screen up using visibility conditions & profile complete columns. Excellent value!

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Thanks Brad! Very insightful indeed :blush:

Hi @Brad_Legassick , Where I can see the onboarding video by @Robert_Petitto? Thanks

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/RobertPetittoWA