Welcome page for first connection

Can we make the landing page on the app (for people who have just installed it) be a different page than the first tab of the navigation bar?
This would be to highlight a welcome text and a kind of “tutorial” of the application. So it’s just for the first connection.

Yes, that’s possible by using Tab Visibility.

What you could do is create a boolean column in your user Profile Table, and set that column to true (checked) with an action when a new user finishes the tutorial/introduction.

And then set the tab visibility of all other tabs so that they are hidden if that column is not checked.

It can also be done by using the name column!

When a new user logs in, he comes with only his email and all other fields are empty.
So until they fill it, you can consider them as new users!

@ShantanuIyengar only problem with this method is that as the user starts typing their name, the field is no longer empty and thus triggers the tab visibility. @Darren_Murphy’s solution is typically the one I use too…it allows the user to take their time and fill things out prior to triggering the visibility condition.

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Ohh! Stopped using details screen for user information onboarding a long time ago!
It’s far more better to use edit screen from user sheet!

It’s certainly more straightforward to use an edit screen yes, but it doesn’t allow for multi step/multi screen onboarding flows.

Only the basic info is added under edit screen and on submit, we can shift tabs for next steps of onboarding!
There are a million ways to solve the problem!

I think if it’s a multi step onboarding, @Darren_Murphy method is easier to do!

That’s what I love about Glide!

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I always go for this way too, I like the fact that we can present entry components right on the screen opposed to having to force users to click another button. Plus, if the user clicks cancel in an edit screen, their info gets wiped, and that’s not ideal for some of my cases where there are a lot of entries to fill.

Very good point!

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