Onboarding before sign in

How would you set up an app like this:

  1. A couple of onboarding screens explaining what the app does (pure textual, no user input)
  2. Sign up screen
  3. Enter the app (as loggedin user)

Do I use “public” in my privacy settings? (instead of public with email)
Curious to your approach…

You still use public with email, but use a column as your condition to show/hide the Sign Up tab and the other tabs.

On your Sign Up tab, let’s say you have 3 steps, then the 1st step would be linked to the 2nd step by a link to screen > this item button, same for the transition between the 2nd and 3rd. Then on your 3rd step, which will contain your Sign Up entry fields, add a button with an increment action in the flow to increment the condition column.

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But when users download the app (add to homescreen) and open it for the first time, they always get a “Welcome” screen, right? Where they need to fill in their email. I want to offer an onboarding experience before that Welcome screen.


Use Public, but still control tab visibility based on the user profile, such as checking that the user profile email is the signed in user, or checking if a profile value is not empty. That way you can show only the information you want, and then provide a button with a sign in action. Once they sign in then they will have a user profile row that you can use to control the visibility of other tabs.