Is there a way to have some Tabs be public and others requiring Login to access?


I want the ability to setup tabs such that when anyone access the app, they will see some information regardless of whether they are signed up or not. If they try to access details, they should be prompted to Sign Up.

This will be a Public with Email app.

I’ve somewhat created this by doing the following;

  • App privacy is set to Public
  • Each Tab has a Sign Up button which is visible if the User Email is Empty.

I’m not convinced this is the best way to do this. As I will need to replicate the Sign Up components across all tabs.

Would appreciate any suggestions on this.

Could you not have these components on a single tab, and then for the Sign Up button on each other tab, assign an action sequence that first navigates to this tab and then exposes the components?

By components, I meant the Sign Up button itself.
So I have an image, a message and the Sign Up button under conditional visibility on each tab.
And when they Sign Up, I want them to complete their profile, so I again have button (with conditional visibility) on each Tab which takes them to the User Profile screen.

So both the cases of Sign Up and Profile components need to be copied to all tabs of the app.

Trying to see if there is any other way.

I think it works like this.

Set tab visibility to be if:

  • User’s email is empty
  • User’s “Profile completed” is true

Then when they sign in and haven’t completed the profile, they won’t see the tab.

At that point, have the Sign Up tab visible. The condition should be if:

  • User’s email is not empty
  • User’s “Profile Completed” is not true

Then let them input the details and finish the sign up process by setting the Profile Completed column to true (or whatever method you do to know they have signed up).


Okay, that’s what I’ve done, so I guess its the right configuration :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your responses @Darren_Murphy & @ThinhDinh


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