Signed-In User Question

I must be doing something wrong but I was under the impression that if I set my tab visibility to ‘Show tab when Email isn’t signed-in user’ - this will show the tab to anyone not signed-in? So for example, I want all new users of the app to see a welcome screen before then being given the option to sign-up. Once they are signed up I have another tab ‘Show tab when Email is signed-in user’ and that should show instead of the first tab!

I have my users sheet setup and app is set to public.

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 11.43.27

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Maybe make it visible when email is empty?

“Email isn’t signed in” suggests an email exists. Could have that with an OR empty and I think it should work

No that doesn’t seem to work either! I’m very confused about how this is meant to work then.

Any input would be greatly appreciated as this is effecting two of my apps now!

I’ve also read this thread and not got an answer! 🆕 Sign-in Action

Show tab when email is not empty and vice versa should be it.

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No idea what I was doing! Thanks so much @kyleheney and @ThinhDinh. All good now. :v:

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