How to get sign in email of user to show on tab

When a user signs in with a email, I need to show a Welcome, “email” message on the Home tab where email is the email of the user who signed in.
How do I capture the email of the signed in user? Currently, I see that the email goes to the App:logins sheet? But, I am not to able to reference this sheet in the tab. Please suggest a way to do this.

Unique function

Agreed. Just create a sheet that’s a duplicate of the app:logins sheet. If you us unique, it will create less recordsYou can build your home tab off of that. Filter the home tab by signed in user so it will only reference the record of that user.

In the Instagram template app available on Glide,, I find a good way of doing this, but unable to recreate it.
In that app, they show a Sign up button on the Your Profile tab which is displayed only when the Name column is empty on the Profiles sheet. Then, in the Signup form, they add special values which adds the signed-in email and timestamp to the Profiles sheet when the user signs up. That solves my problem, as I can now reference the Profiles sheet to get the email. But, I am not able to understand how they use the filter for Signup button to display only when Name column is empty. I find in their Profiles sheet, there are other values in the Name column, but still the Sign Up button is shown. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.

Thanks. I figured it out. They use a condition for the Profiles tab which detects if the signed in user email is part of the Profiles sheet or not.

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