User Signup

A question. Given that a user is requested to use email to get the app. Would you not already have that detail so using sign ups or user profiles would build on that?


Yeah, the majority of my profile pages are built referencing the “App: Logins” page that gets generated upon users signing into the app.

There is talk about some kind of profile management coming down the pipeline.


Looking forward to this

That’s what I do now with tab visibility. Make an initial sign-up page that would be filtered by email is signed-in user. That email has already been recorded to the sheet and we can just let the users add the other info in the same row.

Then have an increment button that says “Finish your profile” that would increase a “ProfileDone” column by 1. Show other tabs when ProfileDone is 1 and the initial signup tab when ProfileDone is not 1.

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I’m pretty sure what they meant by my post was regarding the user profiles feature that was added back in April.