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Hi Team

How can I create a sign-in screen with a button that links to users filling in a profile form can someone assist me. I have seen some really lovely apps on here that have that setup and absolutely love that design

something like this saw this on twitter

Can you try the open form action and make it’s destination the sheet with your user profiles?

@Pablo_books this would create a second row with the email in the user profile.

@Valentine_Madzhie Here are two good videos by @Robert_Petitto that might help you with what you need.

This was an app by us at The technique was to combine the sign in button with an onboarding experience.

This screen was visible when the user hasn’t signed in (user’s email is empty).

Then when they have logged in, if they haven’t completed their profile (determined by a number column), then they see a Sign Up screen, which points to the Profile sheet and filter by email is signed-in user.

Once they have filled in all fields, we showed a increment button to increase the number column mentioned below by 1, then they can see all other screens.

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