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Hello ladies and gents I am new to this community maybe you guys can help me. I am having a hard time with my profile, when the client first log on I would like the home page to be separate. Meaning when they first log in if they already have a profile it would go straight to there profile. If they don’t and have to create a profile when coming on the home page they should only see brand new user please create a profile.
I want these to hide if that makes sense.They should only see create a profile if there new or they should only see there profile if they already have an account. Also I tried to use add filter as Name is sign in user but it is not giving me that option… Is there anyone in the community that can help me with this?

Thank You

Hi Joy,

Create a text saying “You must be new here, edit your profile using the pencil button on top right”. Filter the tab to email is signed-in user, enable edits, and add the fields to edit inside the “Edit” screen.

Set the text visibility to only show when the “User name” or “User image” is empty, for example.

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Thank you Thinhdinh I tried that but it does not give me the option for sign in user. The next thing that I thought of was going to the Data Sheet and add a new column but it does not show me the option for sign in user as well

It seems like you have not enabled User Profiles.


This might help:


I did that as well i went to the sign in and chose public with email. I’m thinking I may have to start over I maybe missing a step then go step by step until I get it right. Once again thank you for your help I really appreciate it.

You can check out Robert’s link above as well. If you need further help feel free to comment here. Some screenshots or a video for us to know more about your settings would be helpful.

Thank you I will look at this now and I will let you know if this helps.

Welcome to the community.

I should add:

Download the Instagram template by Jack Vaughan, one of the leaders. It’s free and available in the template store. Answers to all your Qs are in that template. It’s very easy to follow.

Thank you Wiz.Wazer I will check on that later on today…