User Profiles | No sign in button

Hi, I am new to glide and want to create a user profile feature. When I follow this tutorial: User Profiles - Glide Library. It says to click the sign-in button in the editor.

But, when I try this, all I see is a sign out button, no sign in button. Is this normal?

Screenshot 2021-08-03 10.48.39


Are you previewing as a signed in user? Do you see an email at the top of this flyout?

Yes, I do

In that case I believe you will not see the Sign in “button” on that flyout.

It appears when you have a public app and have not signed in yet.

How do I fix it?

May I know what exactly you need to fix? What’s not working for you in this case? Have you connected a Sheet as your user profiles sheet?

I just need it to say “sign in”, instead of “sign out”. So I can connect my sheet as a user profiles sheet.

You can do it this way.

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Thanks so much! That’s solved it! I have another problem:

I am trying to follow a tutorial to make a rating system, and this field type pops up in the video:


I cannot find this field type in the “add field menu”, do you know what it is?


I don’t know if it’s because the tutorial video folllows the old Glide format, but we have never had a rating column type, we only have a rating component.

Rating is the field name, do you recognise the icon?

Not really, can you give me the link to the video?

I got it from this template:

In the Rating sheet

That’s an array column.
If you check the associated Google Sheet, you should find columns labeled as “Rating 1”, “Rating 2”, “Rating 3”, etc.