Onboarding, save data


I try to create a good “not-user-yet” experience. An onboarding with interactions.

I build in glide pages.

For example. How to save information directly to a row?



Please check this from @Robert_Petitto .


I Love Bobs videos. The relation- tip is usefull. But im searching for non-user (not signed in) experience. And how to save data alog the onbarding.

I tried his, set a action for a new row in a public table and column value for that row, and thats a good start. But how do i add to that row further down the onboarding without having a email.

And how can i have a text entry first and a button with an action later. Like - “put you email and press send to get updates about this screen” Can i copy a clipboard and send that screen get the “item” in some other way…

Now it become two questions.

Thanks, and hope to share me project soon.


You can use User-specific columns and use Custom Form. However, I am not sure, but this might use your App’s “Updates” data. (@ThinhDinh if I am not wrong)

Thats, thats helpful. Custom form, screen och new screen let me pick the current screen. Im trying to work with that and woll look in to specific columns on top of that.

If the user is not signed in then the updates from a custom form will not count against you. User specific columns for non-signed in users are stored locally on the users device. A custom form should work here without adding to our update count :+1:


Thanks @Eric_Penn for clarification. Does this mean, signed in user using Custom Form with user specific columns will add Update count?

Yes, that’s true.

@jonassweden Can you describe more about your use case? If you don’t have an email, then would that user ever sign in to your app?