Save choice with "no sign-in" User access

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I found that the signing in poses an additional barrier to the use of my app. So I’d love to switch to the “no sign-in” method.
But nevertheless the user has to make some choices in the app, like on currency or on language. The app will then show the date in the currency or in the language chosen by the user. Currently I store this information in the user table under that respective user.
Is there a way to store this choice without having the user to sign-in?
Thanks for your help!

If a user is not signed in, there is no reliable way to identify which user the data belongs to.

You can go down a rabbit hole of scraping together various pieces of device info to identify a user’s device, but this is challenge for even the largest advertising companies that try to track ad views. The thing is, browsers make there best effort to protect your privacy, so it’s very hard from the developer side to reliably track a specific user or link data to that user if they have not identified themselves.

Short of having a user to identify themselves somehow to pull settings unique to that user, there isn’t really a good way to link data to a non signed in user.

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thanks for the feedback.
Do you see a way temporarily while the session is on?

You can use user specific columns. The values in user specific columns will remain permanently for users that are signed in, and for the duration of the session for users that are not signed in.


Interesting approach.
Does this mean that I can add a user specific column in a sheet and the value stored there will be specific to each individual user?

Yep. That’s the purpose of user specific columns…to hold values specific to each user.


great. Thanks again!

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