'Hide user email addresses' is not working

The privacy options are not working at all.

I set the ‘Public with email’ and off the ‘Hide user email addresses’ options and delete all the email addresses using ‘User data’ deletion, but there are still real email addresses on the ‘App: logins’ sheet when I sign-in with new email address.

How can I apply Hide user email addressed on the app?

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Virtual Email Addresses do not change the value of App:Logins.
They change the email addresses of the users who sign in/up from then on.

Deleting user data only deletes user specific columns, and not actual login rows.

The privacy options are working perfectly fine!

Thank you for your answer, than how can I delete previously sing-in users’s email?

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By deleting them from the sheet as you would normally…

But, I deleted all the email data in App:Logins sheet, and sign-in with new email addresses again after changed the Privacy option to Hide user email. And, I steel able to see the real email addresses

Try signing in with another email. Perhaps emails you have previously entered have no effect when turning on virtual email addresses.

I think there’s a bug where users who have already used your app, will keep their original email, whether virtual or real.

I think your best option is to duplicate your app, and use the new copy.


I made new App with whole new data, and applied Public with email and Hide user email addresses option. I made an account for the new App with an email never used before in any of my previous Apps, but I can still see the real email addresses. I have no idea what’s wrong with it.

I believe hide user email address only applies to new entries. Is it possible you didn’t clear out existing emails?

This is what I did. I made a new Glide account with new google account. And then, I created a new App with brand-new google sheet, obviously there was no email addresses or user data at all. I applied Public with email and Hide user email addresses option, and publish it. And I made an account with brand-new email.

And than, I can see the “real” email addresses.

Is there nobody but me struggling with this problem??