Collect Real User Email Addresses - Doesn't work

Hi, I set the privacy section to collect real user email addresses, it worked a couple of times in the past, and then stopped working. It allows me to select the option, but once I refresh the page, it goes back to Hide User Email Addresses. Does anyone have the same issue?

After refreshing the page, or log out/in, it goes back to the original setting.

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Hola @Hello_Mars

Could you send a support ticket with a support link and a video?

If you could have the developer console opened while making the video, that would be fantastic.

OMG I am having this EXACT same issue, and I believe it started at the same time as @Hello_Mars! Suddenly my app is set to “Hide User Email Addresses” and I can change it back, but as soon as I refresh or log out of Glide and log back in, it defaults right back to “Hide User Email Addresses” :confounded:

@SantiagoPerez I have been troubleshooting the issue I wrote you about for the past couple hours and THIS is quickly becoming my #1 suspect for my tab visibility no longer working. Consider the following:

  1. I have discovered that my app seems to be broken for all users who first logged into the app PRIOR to the “Hide User Email Addresses” suddenly switching to default.
  2. My app very much relies on the user’s REAL email address for its core functionality!
  3. Users (like you) who first logged into the app AFTER the sudden switch do not experience the problem I’m seeing of the impassable “Welcome” screen. (Although the app will not work as intended for the users who needed their real email address available to be compared to other columns)

ETA: I have now confirmed 1000% that this is indeed the issue that caused my app to break. I added a couple Looms to my support ticket that explain in detail :+1:t2:

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I will pass this info along.

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thanks! Im experiencing the same issue

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