Hide user email adresses not working

My app’s URL: https://zzpconnect.glideapp.io/
Since yesterday my app store real email address instead of anonymous. It was working well in the past but no more since yesterday.
Do you guys experiment the same issue?

I just tested and confirmed that this setting no longer appears to be working.

@david @Mark

We’ll fix it soon, thank you!


Thanks a lot @Mark

Should be back to working now.


I just tested it, but the function is still not working properly in my app. I keep seeing real email-addresses (which I do not want). Hopefully someone can help fix this.

@Lize_van_Leeuwen Could you please share a support link to your app?

Were those email addresses already there before the fix was applied? Just want to make sure that you aren’t expecting the email to change on data that already existed.

It works for me now! tks a lot

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Yes, of course! How do I do this?

No they weren’t. As of yesterday, my app is published and all the new email-addresses are visible in my spreadsheet.

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@Lize_van_Leeuwen Your app doesn’t use user profiles.


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That’s right. However, they do need to sign in when they click a ‘favorite’ button. I suppose this is necessary for the app to save their data. Whenever users do this, I find their data in my spreadsheet.

Oh, I see! We’ll fix that, thank you!