⚠️ Important Change: Hide User Emails is now default

@Jonny_L I have the exact same issue - did you manage to fix it? would so appreciate any suggestions here :pray:t2:

I use the email to automatically check they belong to our company via visibility filters, eg must contain @xyz.com.

Will this still be possible for Pro Apps? And what about fee Apps?

Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a permanent solution to the issue.

The user still has the anonymous email associated whenever the user logs in despite the feature now being turned off. I’ve had to create a separate profile for that user based on the anonymous email address as the app always now associates the users email with it. It’s a very poor experience, I hope the bug is fixed soon.

Can you delete that email from your app in your Privacy settings?


@Jonny_L @david FYI looks like problem has been resolved - it’s now working, and I have not had to do anything. many thanks!

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Thanks @david! Deleting the anonymous email from my privacy settings and asking the user to re-login worked :+1:

Hi there! I think it an excellent idea to automatically anonymize all the email addresses. For my own app, I want to use this setting because I don’t need or want to have access to all of my user’s emails. Sadly, the function is not working. Even though I turned the setting on in Settings, Glide still automatically adds a tab to my original spreadsheet called “App: Logins”, which shows the email-addresses of everyone who logs in. I have tried removing this tab, turning the setting off and on again, but nothing seems to work. Does anybody know how to solve this?
Thanks in advance!

It appears that this is currently not working.

Is anybody having trouble collecting real user email addresses?

I have a pro app with collect real email user email addresses selected but the app is still hiding the user’s email.

This is beautiful @david but now finding the admin email has become harder I spent almost 2hrs trying to figure out an email to make them admin is there a way to make its better ?

Hi @david, this bug appears to have returned around three days ago - can you please revisit? My app suddenly switched to anonymous emails and when I correct it to real emails it defaults back to the anonymous setting on page refresh. This switch to anonymous emails has sadly broken my entire app :frowning:

(I have updated my existing support ticket with this discovery but thought I’d mention it here as well)

For reference:

@a.manda make a bug report to glide that will help you faster I think


@Krivo I have an existing “I believe I have found a bug in Glide” support ticket active and have already updated it with this discovery of what the bug truly is - should I submit an entirely separate bug report?

If your app was developed a while ago, you may have been temporarily grandfathered in and allowed to collect real addresses without paying for a Pro subscription. If you’re paying for Pro, this is definitely a bug. If you’re not paying for Pro, that may fix your tab visibility/address collection issues.

@a.manda i would think that existing bug report is right way to go


@a.manda is this a free app? Recording real user emails is a Pro feature, please upgrade if you need this functionality.

@david it is a free app, however I made it exactly a year ago and in your own words this switch was handled ethically and this bug should not be occurring:

Currently waiting for your engineering team to come through with a fix :pray:t2:

cc: @MegannLock

Hey @david,

I am building an app in which we sell products on third party marketplaces like OfferUp and Ebay.
We want to incorporate the purchase of an item with a verification process so that our users can user our interactive app.

If I wanted to relate a purchase to the email provided to us by our consumer, how could I ensure that their email will properly relate itself to the item if their email is encrypted?

I would like to keep it lean and use the free app until the business scales.

Please start a new thread (and do not mention me ;D).

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