Sign out in app editor

Hi all, wondering how I can sign out of my profile within the Glide app editor itself - when playing around with comments I signed in calling myself “test” and got my pin code etc., but now I’d like to change that from “test” to “host” or my actual name.

Is there a way to do this?

@L_Tan Hi :wave: welcome to the community Does this help? How do you sign out of an app?

Thanks for replying @rosewebstudio ! Hmm not so much, it’s just stuck as still my ‘test’ profile in the app-editor. All good I’m working around it by creating a separate profile on the actual web app outside of the test environment :slight_smile:

Oh well I tried, hope you sort it out

I believe the sign-out option on an app is available if you have some other tab in the menu section to make the hamburger menu visible. This allows you to sign out of the app itself.

As for the app editor, it should default to the Glide account email as the default signed in email. I guess I’ve never tried signing in through the editor since it always show up as logged into my glide account. There is the ‘Preview As’ button on the left hand side to preview the app as a different user. I’m not sure how that affects your name for comments.

Ahh of course, makes sense. Thanks @Jeff_Hager!

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