How to remove Hamburger Menu?

I would like to remove the hamburger menu with the account in it. I don’t know how to do it.
I haven’t set the mandatory registration mode.

I believe the only way to hide the hamburger menu is to set the app to “no sign in”.

Oh no really? its not fun

Yes, it’s because the sign-in area is found in the hamburger menu, along with the ability to sign out and view your user profile once you’re signed in. This is why it can only be hidden if the app does not allow users to sign in.

It sucks…
is it possible to create a registration, login and logout page if this is removed?

Good question. There is a “Sign in” action, but there isn’t a “Sign out” action (so you may be able to create a sign in button, but the user could never sign out). It may be that if you select the “no sign in” option, the “Sign in” action is no longer available. I’ve never tried though.

Edit: I just did a quick test and the Sign in action is still selectable, but the button itself is not shown when you have “No sign in” selected as your privacy setting (which makes sense).

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I’ve removed the hamburger menu with custom CSS, but that requires Business plan and yes, users will never be able to sign out. You can make a custom login flow in an app that is set to “no sign in”, but I’m certain this would require users to log in every time they open the app and you wouldn’t be able to secure your data and save it to the user profiles