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I am trying to remove the menu in the top left corner. It has an about and sign-out button that I do not want to use. Is there anyone that has been able to remove this?

As far as I know, in the top left corner you will always see either a hamburger menu or an info “i”.

  • Info “i”. This is the same as “About” in the hamburger menu. It includes a table with information about the app’s author, the URL of the app, etc.
  • Hamburger menu. On top of “About”, the menu includes menu tabs and sign-in/out. You can make this “sign-out” feature disappear if you remove all features in your app that will require identifying users in your app (Privacy settings such as “Public with email”, row owners, user specific columns, etc.)

I think this is the trick, I will let others chime in.

Try this trick

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Natively, as far as I aware, only a public app without user profiles configuration and no tabs in the hamburger menu will have that option hidden.

We can use CSS to hide that, but you will have to do that for every details view and you can’t use list views. I don’t recommend using CSS to do this since it’s too much work if you have a complex app.

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I don’t recommend using CSS because it’s sorcery :bomb::sweat_smile: