How to eliminate lines at top left

I would like the lines at the top left not to appear, what should I do?
Thanks you a lot

Do you mean the menu in the top left? It can be removed by hiding or removing all tabs from the menu area.

Edit: Actually, I think since Glide changed the way the User Profile screen functions, it can no longer be moved or hidden, so the three lines (the menu) are always going to be present.

I think it will hide if you do not have user profiles set up and the app is public with no ability to sign in.

I thought that too, but I tested it out and it’s still showing as “locked” in the list of tabs.

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I haven’t messed with it much, but I currently have an app that I’m playing with that doesn’t have an attached user profile sheet, and I removed all tabs from the side menu, so all I get is the info button in place of the menu button.

Interesting… I can’t figure out a way to “revert” back to the old info button in the corner. Even my older apps that were created before the “lock” icon was added to the User Profile tab now show the 3 line menu instead. I personally don’t care and prefer having the menu always present, just saying.

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I believe it too, it is impossible now

I would like to make TO Connet disappear in this menu, my app is public without mail,I can to access at my app, without all this, so, it is pointless

As long as I unlink the user profile from any tables and remove any other tabs from the menu, then it seems to work for me. I still have the locked user profile “tab”, but it’s not causing the menu to show.




Just started working for me too… weird… I swear I tried these configurations already! Maybe the builder needed a browser refresh.


Thanks you, I cancel sheet, like your exemple and now this is OK

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