Why I'm not seeing the menu bar in the top left

I’m not seeing any menu bar in the app home page.why?

Interesting… I’m not sure and can’t fully tell what’s going on here. Maybe someone else can tell just from this shot you shared… but could you also share a screen shot of the glide builder for this page? My first guess was it’s really there, just disguised in the dark image.

In the builder you still need to drag those screens under ‘Menu’

There are two sections Navigation and Menu

Screen Shot 2023-06-06 at 4.02.52 PM

Or in screen options check to see if you have ‘Hide from nav bar’ enabled

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Is your app public with no sign-in?

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Ahhh… I didn’t think of this. Even without any screens in the menu, there’s always user profile on there. I didn’t consider the case of a public app and no sign-in meaning that the user profile is NOT always there. Good catch.



Yes, that’s exactly why there’s no menu bar, providing you have not dragged anything to the Menu (per @Eric_Penn 's comment).

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If i don’t have anything other than home page ? is this the answer for not having menu bar

Or else,

By selecting public with no login ? is this the answer for not having menu bar

It’s both.

If your Privacy is Public with no sign in, AND you have no tabs in the Menu, then you will not see a hamburger menu.