Hiding footer menu


how do i hide bottom menu from other user ?


I’ll ask this first. Did you create each of the tabs with a purpose, or were they automatically added to your project and you don’t need them? If they are extra tabs that you don’t need, then you can hide them using the upper left panel of the builder.

If you need the tabs and they serve a purpose, then I would have done things differently. Personally, if I didn’t want tabs to be displayed, then I would only create one single visible tab. Then if I needed navigation to other screens, you can use buttons or other components that use the ‘Show New Screen’ or ‘Show Detail Screen’ action. It’s not good practice to use tabs if you aren’t going to show them.


just CSS … and script… you will make your Glide App great… without it… it is just a toy

@Jeff_Hager’s advice is sound, so please consider that carefully.

If you need tabs to be visible to some users, but not others, then another option is to use Tab Visibility conditions.


nooo… be cool, CSS and scripts… make your App the best … and free

These tabs are created on purpose , ive hide the tab for some users and visible to some users. The tabs are hidden but it stil displays on the footer

solved i did with >option>visibility…
thanks all :slight_smile:

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