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As you guys see I have quite lots of tab.

What I need to do is i created a home screen which contains button that can navigate to the tab.
Just like this:

My question is how do i hide the tab at the bottom but user still can see if they click the button?

@ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy
got any ideas?

If you want users can access tab with “Menu” you can drag and drop yours tabs in tab “Menu”.
If not you could use in each tab, “Options” > “Visibility” with a condition which will never be done. For doing that you can add a boolean column in your sheet, put it in “TRUE” state and in “Visibility”, if my boolean column is “FALSE”…

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I’ve done your second suggestion . It make the tab hidden. but when i open the apps. When i click the button there’s no actions. Since the tab is hide from me

i’m afraid that the solution is using “Screen” instead of Tabs

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I believe Navigate to Tab will only work if the tab is visible to the signed-in user.

You can lower the number of tabs you have in the app, let’s say have a Home tab that includes “link to screen” actions to screens that are currently tabs, but that means a lot of rework on those screens.

Another choice is move them to the Hamburger menu, personally I would only keep 4-5 tabs at most for the main menu.

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You could always get a bit tricky and use a multi-step action attached to each button that first makes the tab visible, and then navigates to it.
Not sure I’d recommend that though, as I’d imagine it could be quite cumbersome to maintain.

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Do you mean it didnt recommended?

I don’t know, it was just an idea.
You could try and it see if it works for you…