Details screen - return to position

Since a few weeks, Glide doesn’t keep the vertical scroll position anymore in my app. After viewing any item from an inline list, the app now always auto-scrolls back to the top.

Before, Glide always remembered where I was vertically in my main app screen – which is obviously way better for the UX. I’m suddenly scrolling a whole lot more using my app.

Is this related to a known bug? I didn’t find anything so far, hence I created a new one.

Screen recording (mockup content): Dropbox - auto-scroll-to-top.mp4 - Simplify your life

Hey @piri. Bummer. Thanks for flagging. Let’s get that fixed. Please raise a ticket here. One of our wonderful support team will look into that for you.

It looks like actions on other components to a ‘details’ or ‘new screen’. I can’t recreate issue this end. If the problem persists, one of our talented support team can help you. Please raise a ticket here.