Card list - return to position

Is it possible to keep the scroll position for an inline cards list after viewing an item?

I have an horizontal scroll list of cards with about 16 cards and 3 on view at any 1 time. It’s frustrating that Glide resets the list position to always view the first 3 cards when going back after viewing any item.

Any tips?

It’s been brought up before, but I don’t think there is an easy fix.

When scrolling vertically, you can click into details, and you come right back to the same point in the list that you were

In my, admittedly limited, experience, you do not come back to the same point in the list that you were. For me, as the list gets longer (50-100 items), the scroll position is off far enough that the edited card is not even on the screen after coming back from an edit… Even if it’s a pop-up form (Show Form Screen action). Am I doing something wrong?

I also experience some issues when scrolling vertically. Even if I do something simple like view details and then navigate back to the list… it moves around on me (most of the time)