Please fix Horizontal scrolling flaw

When scrolling vertically, you can click into details, and you come right back to the same point in the list that you were. If you scroll horizontally and click details page, you go right to beginning of the list of items. This is problematic and frustrating for users. I am hoping this resonates with the Glide team, is a quick fix, and can be addressed quickly.

This is probably a feature request, but since it’s a design flaw and doesn’t following the same applicable scrolling rule as Vertical Scroll, I decided to put it in the Bugs category. Begging for a fix on this one - my app relies heavily on Horizontal scrolling to manage content types and this has a huge impact on UX!

Thanks! :blush:


Never realized it :thinking: Great observation.

+1 for a better UX/UI

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@Mark can you guys please fix this? I use a lot of horizontal scrolling for inline lists and am getting complaints from my users about the fact that they’ll be in a details view and come out, back to the first item in the list…it’s very frustrating for them to find their place in the list again to continue discovering content. This is not an issue with vertical scrolling so I assume it can be fixed. It has been several weeks on this one so I’m hoping you can move it up your list and address it. Thanks! :upside_down_face: