Search is searching only in few tags columns

Hi there,
I am still on my first real app and I’ve seen a problem with the search box above the list.
While I have 3 tags columns (which I related into 1 in the Glide spreadsheet), the box finds only tags from tag1 column.

I could not find any option to edit the search feature in Glide.

Can someone help with how can I make it search within all columns?

Hi, a priori the Search bar searches only the elements which are included in your Inline list and detailed screen. So if your Tags are not referring to a component, the Search would not work.

More info: Curious - What exactly does the search bar search? - #2 by Jeff_Hager

Nb1: a basic approach could be to create a text component referring to these tags, and hide it with a visibility condition which will never happen (ex. If eMail is “#@~”).

Nb2: Advanced approach is to build your own search bar
In the editor:

  • Template column aggregating your tags
  • User specific text column
  • Single value column on the user specific

In the screen:

  • Entry text component referring to the User Specific text column
  • Inline list filtered with “If Template column includes Single value column”
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Thank you very much AyS for your answer.
The problem is that the all tags are in my original google sheet and also in the detailed screen, from the TagsAll column, which I created in the Glide table and selected it as a joined list. That way I could add to detailed screen and all 3 tags appearing there (although not clickable, which is another problem for me but not now).

So they suppose to be included for the search, isn’t it?


Hi, I suppose that yes.
Just to test, could you try to have your tags displayed in your inline list than make a search?

I’m not sure if I understood what you mean. I added the joined column (which I called TagsAll) to the app as an Action Text

When I tried to add it as an inline text it didn’t work and showed me all the list of rows in each detailed screen - that’s what you meant?

Was not clear, you’re right. I was meaning to add your tag column to one of the field that is displayed on the thumbnail of your inline list. Just to see if it works


Hope this helps.

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Oh Dear Robert
I am so sorry. I was ill and somehow lost this thread after that, and only now… feel awful about that.

Thank You so much!!

Hope you’re better now! Let us know if you need any further help.