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Has anyone else experienced issues searching for words they know appear in their Google Sheets (one sheet in particular that is feeding a tab on my app)? I’ve tried different app page styles, as I saw that someone mentioned perhaps that had something to do with it. See in my example, I have the word ‘gifts’ on my Google Sheet, and when I search that word on the app page that is reading from that sheet, there are no results.

That column needs to be part of the app, either in the list or in the details for each list item. If it’s not ‘visible’, it’s not searchable. Try to add the tags column as part of your item details screen. That should make it work. If it does, then try setting the visibility on that component, so it’s hidden from view. Hopefully your search will still work.

I think it’s designed that way so you aren’t searching through a bunch of columns that are only used for background processing and aren’t normally visible to the user. Otherwise, it could get very confusing with user’s wondering why they got certain results.


So far, adding an inline list pointing to that Tags column isn’t working. Currently trying different places to put it, hidden or shown, which lets any items in that column be searchable.

If anyone has any other ideas or has seen this type of “in-app” search on another app, let me know. Thanks all!

What I mean by the list is that the tags column needs to be visible on the list. I’m pretty sure you don’t want that, so that’s why I mentioned adding the tags column in a text component within the details view of the list item. Then the list should be searchable and will also include the terms inside the tags column.

In the attached example, I am adding text in various forms to the app screen (not currently hidden). My goal with this would be to search using the top search bar for the word nachos. Currently, with the Tags data visible on that page, I am unable to search for nachos.

I have tried putting this type of component on the actual ITEM which would display the details as well, the item the tags belong to. I tried putting the component on the items detail page to see if that would make it work. No dice. Currently, the component is on both pages, and still, I’m unable to search the word nachos. To add, the Tags column, with the same data is on multiple sheets in case it needed to be referenced from somewhere else, but the sheet that feeds this “Search” page definitely has the Tags column.

I guess, to point out, the weird thing is that an items title/name, description, even address - those fields are searching fine. It’s this newly tags column that isn’t searchable. Even after putting the tag on the details view. I’m OK with it being visible if that will solve the issue of it being searchable. Basically, my problem seems to be some sort of intermittent thing; it’s not All or Nothing. Only Some… :thinking:

Any chance you have a published link of the app I could look at?

In your screenshot, you are showing a details style layout. I don’t believe you can search for items on that detail view, so I’m a little confused on what you are searching from that view. You can however enable search on an inline list within that details view and the search bar will search through all items within that list. Also, you can enable search on a list style view.

Let’s say you have a list of bowling alleys (whether it’s a list view or an inline list within a details page). What I am imagining is the list of tags within the details of each bowling alley. Then when you are viewing the full list, you should be able to search any of the tag terms and because they are part of the details, the search should drill down to only show list items that contain that term you searched for.

If you have any additional screenshots or video of the problem, that would help a lot. Also, the published link to your app if you are willing to share.

Here’s the link: (REMOVED)

From your latest message, I created a Search Two tab which included an inline list. I pointed it to the sheet that has all information (business and the tags associated with them). Everything is currently visible. Still no dice on the search. Let me know if there’s anything more that I can provide which would help.

Ok, I see it’s not searching through the caption part of the list. Now try to add a component that displays the tags within the detail view of the list items.

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OK. This time I tried a new tab with a list. So long as the Tags column is displayed, the search of the tags is now working. To “hide” the tags, I concatenated two columns, Description + Tags. This makes that text string so long that it runs off the page. Problem solved - I can search my tags and the user won’t see them.

Thanks for your patience with me and walking me through that @Jeff_Hager!


Glad to help. I did try one more thing for my sanity. I set up something similar in a test app and instead of forcing the text to run off the page, I set the visibility on the component (in your case, the component that contains the tags) so it’s not visible on the details screen. Basically any condition that would never be True. For me it appears that the text is still searchable, even though it’s not visible on the screen. Just something to keep in mind if you need it later.


@Paris_Smith Your app is magnifique
i have a simple suggestion use an image carousel for the gallery

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