Global Search across multiple sheets

I have a pretty cool app for our sales rep firm, that has multiple sheets (using Google sheets) including inventory, pricelists backorder lists distributor invetory, etc…

How do I create a global search across ALL the sheets that would have SKU or common name and return all the results on 1 page?

Is there a way to link the sheets so they all get searched?

Currently still using the older APPS version, and have not transitioned to My Projects

Your only option is to have a detail style screen. On that screen add an inline list for each table you want to search. In the settings for each inline list, enable search. The search bar will display at the top of the screen and will search through each inline list where you have enabled searching.


Let me see if I can get that to work. Thank you.

Unfortunately I could not make that work. I don’t know how to enable search. I must be missing something

Should be right here when working with an inline list component.

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Thank you…it just took me a few attempts to find the right spot. It works, now. Thanks.

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