Can I search the menu opened by the Choice component?

Is it possible to put a search function to search a. Choices box option.

Not possible now but it has been asked for in a few Feature Request posts.
It may be on the list of enhancements, but I don’t know that for a fact.

I wonder if i create a search function in my sheets and add it to the choice list will it let me use it to search the list

I think @George_B meant to link this post maybe: Filter Product from Code

Here’s the sample sheet I shared with him:
See FILTER example in the first tab, cell B2. Enter search term in A2!

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Yes, I did post the wrong one. I’ll delete it so as not to confuse others. Thanks Megann.

How would you use this filter in the app?

A quick example in this app (likely has some errors/typos), but you’ll get the idea:

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Can you provide the way the Google Sheet is setup? When i open the app you shared the search function doesn’t work.

It’s the one linked above!

Oops forgot to add edit permissions on there. My bad!

Still not working. It’s like your screen is on freeze

This search filter is amazing. Is there a way to add a ‘if search result contains this “”’ to pull a list of items into the column so it can be used as a choices menu

Do you mean you’d like users to be able to choose from a list? Yielding one results or multiples?

So basically my app is set up so you would select an issue, cause its a tech support ticket tracker.

I want to, if I search for something - say “Applications” the populated field will pull all results with the word Applications in it in a Column which will be “current search results”

The app will use the Choices option so that that column of current search results can change the listed items to whatever the search results are.

Not a single choice but all choices that have the searched content

That might work if using editable components in detail view since changes are posted back to the spreadsheet immediately. Add/Edit mode require the submit button before anything is posted back to the spreadsheet.

Much like “if search column of issues contains X text import all items from searchable list with X text in it” kind of like an import range but based on the queried text. Does that make sense?

Just to clarify, the users would select a category? Or would the search term be manually entered? If they’re picking from choices, this is ideal. You can add columns to your data tab that would match those search terms, then use a filter, query, or regex formula.

Also might be able to use regular expressions in the filter to handle multiple results instead of an exact match.

Yes!! Regex would work well here!

Just an FYI I tried to use FIND and it DIDN’T work:

=iferror(FILTER('Data to Search'!A:D, FIND(A2,'Data to Search'!B:B) > -1,"No Results"))