Search choice component and multiple choice

Is the possibility to search in the choice component something you’re thinking of adding? If you have a list of 100+ elements to choose from, this becomes imperative… and multiple-choice? Pleeeease?


Agree. It is a must.

It would be also good to customize choice lists appearance…(images, galleries,tiles etc)

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@david, @Mark, any news on this feature?

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It’s on our wishlist for sure @filipa. Totally understand how important it is for large choice sets.
I’ll bring it up at our next product cycle meeting.

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hi jack! can you give me an estimate of when (and if) will search on choice items be available? I’m literally waiting for this feature to be able to launch my apps… how is everyone else dealing with this? am i the only one having this problem? here’s the case for one of the apps: when we make a sale, we need to choose a client (from a sheet with hundreds) and products (from a sheet of thousands). @George_B, any hints on this?

Hey @filipa! If this is urgent for you, you can upgrade your app to Pro and we will prioritize the request. It’s currently not a priority.

If your app is already Pro, just DM me the link and we can evaluate how the feature would work with your app.

Thanks for the implied confidence in me being able to come up with a workaround, but alas I’m coming up empty for ideas.

:slight_smile: thanks anyway! i just think it’s weird no one else asks for this and it’s not a priority, it seems such a basic need…

i might! thinking about it…

It would also be helpful to have the option of showing the lists in 2 or 3 columns, taking into account how much data they would support.