Search in choice component

While the search in choice component is under development, can there be a substitute to it created by using inline list and search bar to select the item we are looking for?
For example I am creating an app to track purchase orders. While creating new orders, user has to add item name to add new item. The item name has to be a dropdown from an item master but the user cannot scroll through 1000 different items and hence a simple search component could make it easier for the user.

Search with inline list is already an option!
Go to the features tab and select the “Show Search bar” box

This is for the inline list. I am talking about having a search bar inside the choice component.

Right. The only way to make this happen is to have the inline list first (with search bar) with a form button on the details screen after they selected an item from the list. Then you can pass the column values into the form.

Correct! but how could I relate these items with the Order No for which the user has selected the particular item. I dont want the user to enter the PO number once again in the form.

What’s the current procedure for your user from start to finish?

First the user creates a new purchase order where the PO number is automatically generated by the google sheets and some other details like the purchaser name are entered by the user.
Then the user adds items in this PO. This is done by using a form button where in the user needs to add the Item name and quantity. Item name is supposed to be a choice component where the source is another item master sheet which has over 1000 items. The items are linked with the PO by creating a relation using the Unique identifier of the PO and passing the same value in the form.
The selection of this item from the choice component is a problem because of the long list of items.

I hope I am making some sense.

Are the items categorized at all? I have a hack that can reduce the list of items after users have selected a category or two.

Yeah they can be categorised. So you mean we can create a dependent dropdown?

That’s right!

How would we do that?

I’m guessing @Robert_Petitto is talking about splitting your items into separate choice components and controlling the visibility of each choice component based on a selected value in a category choice component.

Another idea I had, would be to flip your procedure a bit.

  1. Create the PO
  2. Display an inline list of items anywhere in your app.
  3. Create a form button on the item details page. This will give you access to write any item details you need, to the sheet.
  4. Include a PO choice component that is filtered by signed in user. Make it required.

The user will only have to select from a short list of only their own PO’s. You can also add additional filters to no longer show the PO once the order has been satisfied.

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I like @Jeff_Hager ‘s solution. Would be a good compromise until search in Choice becomes an available feature.

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Thank you @Robert_Petitto and @Jeff_Hager for the different work arounds for now. I am trying to make the UX as easy as possible for the user and hence for now I may go with one of these solutions or try to find another way out. I will update this post if I find an easier way.

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We should have search in choice next week.


That would be very helpful! Thank you

Any update on this?

Not just yet @Manan_Mehta, thanks for your patience!

No problem! waiting eagerly :tipping_hand_man: