Dynamic choice component

Hi all,

In my app I have a choice components which includes dozens of items and soon will include thousands.
Is there a way to start typing and have the list I. The choice component to shrink. A little bit like using the search field but in choice component while filling up a form.

Hope I was clear :sweat_smile:

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If you have multiple choice components, then I don’t know of a good to handle your situation. If it’s only one choice component, then I would try to break it up into categories on multiple sheets, set up references to link each parent category to a child list, then use inline lists within inline lists to drill down to the item you want. From there you’ll have the details you for that item to submit a form or whatever you intend to do with the data. If you have a sample of your sheet, it would be easier to see if this is possible.

Hey @yinon_raviv. Searching a choice list is definitely something we’ve heard requested before and are definitely considering. Jeff also makes some good points above for guiding the user through categories for now - and then presenting them with more filtered choices.

Thank you both @Jeff_Hager and @JackVaughan.
Not sure I fully understand the solution offered.
@Jeff_Hager , can I share this to you privetly and have a quick discussion when you have time after the weekend?

Sure, feel free to share the sheet with me. I have free time this weekend to take a look.

How can I share here privately? Or do you want me to share to your mail? If so, what is it?

@yinon_raviv you can click on Jeff’s profile and then click ‘message’.

Thanks @JackVaughan. Sent it to him

So few things…
First, I want to thank @Jeff_Hager for looking for a solution and spending time on this issue for me.
Secondly, @JackVaughan as unfortunately we didn’t find a solution I would like to change this thread to a feature request. How can I do it?

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Glad to at least try. I went ahead and changed it to a feature request for you.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Is this something I can do myself?

Not sure. As the original poster I would think you could. I clicked on the edit pencil next to the title of the post, at the top of the page, and changed the category.

@Jeff_Hager @JackVaughan

hi Both,

So, after cracking my head and with altering @MegannLock idea of dynamic search (I used Query to identify if an item exist or not in the list) i managed to create this:

this is what’s going on the spreadsheet side:

here is to the problem I have, I created this search engine on a dedicated sheet called “Search Product” and i would like somehow to bring the search field to use on the sheet called list (this is the screen in the first gif where I click a button (which is actually link to screen at the moment) to go to the search engine.
unfortunately, any of the relation methods I try doesn’t seem to bring this cell into the “Lists” sheet.

any idea what I can do to bring this column to the “lists” tab? I don’t have any identical columns between the to sheets.

just FYI, the process you see is happening as follows:

  1. main screen is a tab called “Lists”
  2. from list I choose a specific list
  3. in the list I click a form button to add an item to the list (in this case a product)
  4. in the product adding I want to have the special search field I created which currently I need to click a button to be redirected to the screen called “search Product”



The problem is that when in Add or Edit mode (any screen with a submit button), you cannot do what you are attempting to do. Changes to components in Add/Edit mode do not submit back to the google sheet until you click on the Submit button, so filling a search box would not send back to the spreadsheet to perform the filter. In your example where you click a button to link to your search screen, clicking the button takes you to a Detail view. Editable components in Detail view are automatically submitted back to the spreadsheet as they are changed in real time. The reason for this is because, if you are in Detail view, it’s assumed that updates can happen in real time, because you intentionally opened that field up for edit and expect the changes to happen right away. In Add/Edit mode, you always have the option to Cancel, so the submission isn’t committed to the spreadsheet until you are OK with all the changes and click the submit button. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a simpler solution to doing a search where the data would need to submit back to the spreadsheet. The only other option would be to perform the search prior to clicking on the Add Product button when viewing the shopping list.
As you have it right now, you would have conflicting searches if multiple people are using the app. I assume that is one of the reasons you are trying to bring the search to the list level, but I think it gets complicated since you could return multiple rows of data from the search, so the search results would still need to be in a new sheet and you would still need to link to that new sheet. The flow wouldn’t be any simpler.

Also, right now glide doesn’t allow choice component to be filled differently based on user or different conditions. Whatever is in the sheet is whatever populates in the choice component. You would have to worry each user overwriting any users search results.

This is a bit of rambling, but I just can’t visualize a way to make, what you are attempting, work how you would like it to.

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Hi @Jeff_Hager

Appreciate the explanation :wink:
I suspected that this is the case and it’s really a problem for me in the app as the more users I’ll have the more products I’ll have and the list will go crazy long…

Ohhh, how I wish for a search within a choice component :cry::weary:


Hi Yinon,
Welcome to that whishes train we are waiting for months ago!

Best regards.


Hey guys @gvalero @yinon_raviv !

Did you see “search in choice component” is an elegible feature in the New place for Glide feature requests

Only 8 votes so far =)


just voted for it, thanks for pointing me to it

Curious about how to embed an inline list within an inline list…
My use case is I have an app with 7 cities… each city has 20 groups of questions (Metrics). Certain people are able to edit answers to questions. What I really need (I believe) is a way to first filter by location…then metric group. However no matter what I try, I cannot get the details screens to stay in sync. I also tried having a different tab for each metric group. Ideally, I believe I need a different tab for each metric group and then a Choice component on that page which houses the Cities… then I would like the data for that particular city to show when the choice is switched… does this make sense?