Best way/alternatives to using "Choice" without it disappearing when 'searching'

I have a big list that is searched to find accounts (2,000 + entries)

Users select accounts and add them to their ‘My Accounts’

At the top I have a choice selector (My Accounts / All Accounts ) but sadly every time a user “searches” the choice selector goes away.

Is there a way to keep this selector at the top (keep it out of the search) or an alternative (not buttons) to toggle between 2-3 options when the search option is on the screen? This selector controls the visibility status of inline lists.


Should have included this screenshot -

You’d need to disable search on your Inline List/s, and add your own custom text search. Just use a Text Input component that writes to a User Specific column, and then use that as your filter. I think you know how to set that part up?


Worked like a charm.


FYI…finally things don’t vanish unexpectedly.

Actually getting things done with Glide today! Thanks for your and @Jeff_Hager and @ThinhDinh assistance to keep me from jumping off the Glide bandwagon. Soon I will be trying Thinh’s technique to keep items at the top of the screen when scrolling!



You will surely love it.

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