Gide Page Choice Component does not have a search option


I’m building a Glide Page (Not an app) and the choice component does not have a search option despite the documentation stating that if I have more than 9 options, there will be search bar.
Is there a work around to this? Any insight would be helpful. Thank you.

I don’t believe there is a search for choice components in Pages yet. It’s only a available for Apps for as of right now.


Maybe a workaround until Glide Team release search in choice for Pages? :thinking: :eyes:

Works in Drop-down style too!


Do you know if this a planned feature?

Problem with this is that I get my data from airtable. It won’t work with airtable for some reason.

I imagine they are working on it. I don’t have a timeline though. Pages is a complete rebuild, so they are working on recreating all the components and features that apps has. Eventually Apps will be converted to that new model.

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Working with Airtable too!

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